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The Power of Post

It’s commonly understood in the film industry: the movie is made or lost in the editing room. With today’s wealth of technology, resources, and post-pro tricks, that fact has become even more true. The shoot can be important, even integral, but the edit is unequivocally essential, and at Neon we’re always looking for innovative approaches to elevate and even create through the edit. Here are a few ways we’ve done just that.

Stick to the Story: Dream Together

The principal focus of almost any edit is the narrative itself. So we’re constantly asking ourselves: What story are we telling? What content, what music, what sounds and images support that? What’s still left that’s extraneous, unnecessary, distracting–what can we cut out? 

That’s been particularly challenging, though thrilling, with our ongoing series about the Nashville Soccer Club: Dream Together, sponsored by Renasant Bank. The story of Nashville’s inaugural soccer season has been unfolding in such unexpected ways that we’ve had to be extremely flexible and inventive in our edits just to do it proper justice. It’s been an ever-evolving edit, pulling together our original interviews and other footage, the soccer club’s resources and archives, photos and news clippings, and just about everything we can find to create an cut as exciting and unpredictable as the season itself.

From Static to Cinematic: GHR Videos

The ask was simple enough: promote HCA Healthcare’s new HR managerial app by showing people engaging with it. Of course, there’s not much that’s dramatic about a person pushing and scrolling on a device. We needed to make the ease and excitement of the featured technology palatable by making the edit itself smooth and flashy. So even though the footage is simply someone on a device, the final video is an engaging, instructive, graphically heavy, technically savvy video.

No Footage, No Problem: A Day for Democracy

Budget limitations or logistic complications require some projects be engineered entirely on a computer. That was the case with A Day for Democracy, a recent ad campaign promoting a nonpartisan effort to get CEOs to support their employees’ right to vote. The budget was tight, the resources limited. But with a set script, slick animation, and the judicious inclusion of just the right stock video, we turned an idea into a finished production without shooting a single frame of footage.

There’s Comedy in the Cut: Kidsplaining

Post production can amplify or even create humor at times. Exhibit A: our new Kidsplaining series, where we ask kids to explain various cultural and social issues and concerns. Sure, the kids are already cute and naturally funny, but it’s the cleverness and creativeness of the edit, with its snarky cuts and loopy effects, that spin the casual snippets into comedy gold.

Whether our client needs us simply to tease the best story out of a shoot, add flashes of animation, or splashes of humor, our talented band of producers, editors, and animators have the post-pro proficiency to deliver a final edit that’s a cut above the rest. (See: I ended with a bad pun. Think how much better this post would have been if I had a good editor.)