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The Art of Hospitality

Because of Neon’s long, productive partnerships with healthcare organizations, we know quite a bit about the portrayals and promises of caring for people. It’s an experience that has given us invaluable insight into another industry that has more recently called on our services: hospitality. 

The connections between hospital and hospitality videos are evident: they’re both about making people feel safe and valued. They both should be especially warm and welcoming. But the differences are significant too. While healthcare-related projects often address weighty subjects and rely strongly on stories, hospitality videos can lead more with style and tone. They allow us to indulge our cinematography chops, focusing on exciting, enticing sounds and images.

Our recent efforts in the world of hospitality (hotels, food, drink, and leisure) may not be as overtly dramatic as our healthcare videos, but they’ve produced some of our favorite recent work.

Balancing Legacy with Luxury: Loews Hotels & Co

In 2019, we were given the privilege of honoring the legacy of the Tisch family by telling the story of Loews Hotels. It was a massive production (with a major budget) that took us to New York City and unleashed our high-style, cinematic passions.

We got beautiful interviews, exquisite interiors, commercial-grade images of the people and places of the hotel, and some freakin’ amazing drone footage. Top to bottom, it was one of our most gorgeous productions, matching, we believe, the luxury of the hotels themselves.

The end product: two videos . . . one exploring the history of Loews:

The other highlighting their family-focused culture: 

Conveying Comfort: Di’Vine House

The promise of Di’Vine House is comfort and creativity. It’s a place to relax, to unwind, to enjoy coffee or wine, to listen to music or be inspired to write your own. So when we were asked to make a promo for DiVine House, we wanted to make sure our video was equally welcoming and stimulating. 

We got smooth, elegant shots of the interiors. We captured people smiling, sipping, strumming. We got customers both consuming and creating. In the end, we hoped to depict an environment as heavenly as the name suggests.

Whetting Appetites: Kamado Joe and Woodford Reserve

We became so enthused and inspired by the art of hospitality videos (and our Kamado Joe grills) we even produced a video on how to sear steak–just for the heck of it. The flames. The meat. The grill. It was a perfect project to exercise our abilities to shoot food . . . then eat it.

We did a similar thing with Woodford Reserve, uncommissioned and unprompted. We made a promo ad for the famous bourbon, just to stretch our creative muscles and because we’ll come up with any excuse to make a cocktail.

We love telling all kinds of stories: healthcare, human interest, sports, entertainment. But there’s something especially satisfying about our hospitality efforts. Just a guess, but it’s probably the food, the drink, and the fun.