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Short and Sweet: 4 Reasons Why Video Works For Social Media

Social media is here to stay— and it’s the perfect platform for sharing video. Once a video catches on, it can spread like wildfire. Take it from me. I had 800 followers on Instagram, ate a hot tortilla chip in a video, and woke up with 2,000 more the next day. So why does video go hand in hand with social media?

1. It grows your audience

Say you showed your parents a proud accomplishment after coming home from school one day. They knew you were proud— so they were proud, too. Posting a well-made video to social media is exactly the same. Your post is bound to be shared by family and friends, and those shares will lead even more people seeing and sharing. Did you know every time your video is shared on social media, it builds links for Google to index? In other words, it assists your ratings in SEO because social media networks are considered quality sources. 

2. You can engage with customers

This one’s a given. When pitching social media videos to a client, you want them to know that engagement rates with customers are much higher this way. Social videos can be used for a variety of things— promoting products, sharing new information, telling your brand story and much more. The thing to keep in mind is that people pop onto their social media pages for short bursts of time. Create content that is short but still gets to the point. The best part about sharing short social video is the instant feedback and interaction. Clients can see what works and what doesn’t within a few days of a post. 

3. You won’t break the bank

When it comes to Facebook and YouTube, you can boost posts for a pretty good price. Clients can even choose an age range, a region of the country and a duration of time they would like the promoted post to last. Boosted posts can range from five bucks to fifty for a smaller client. Play around with it and see what works! 

4. Viewers will keep coming back

No, seriously. Once a customer “likes” and “follows” your page, it’s rare they’ll hit that “unlike” button. The OG post that got you all the attention in the first place has really come in handy for this reason. Creating fresh video content will keep your customers coming back time and time again. And not just to one platform! More than likely, your loyal followers will seek out your other social media pages. The point is… you’ll be creating customers who back your brand.

If you haven’t taken a closer look into the power of social media and video combined for your company, it’s time to dig deeper. I can’t guarantee you’ll skyrocket to the likes of Tasty, but it’s worth a shot!