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Production in a Pandemic

As we continue working with clients throughout the COVID crisis, we often hear the same concern: They want to produce content–they have important stories to tell, especially during this critical time–but they don’t know how to keep the video pipeline flowing with current restraints on social interaction, travel, and budgets. 

We, too, have felt handcuffed by COVID. But by pairing a little ingenuity with our team of radically talented artists, we’ve taken this opportunity to produce some of our best work. Here are just a few ways we have collaborated with clients during quarantine and COVID, and how you can partner with us to continue creating top-notch video content.

Send Files, Not Executives

When leaders are invited to out-of-town meetings, conferences, or other business events, they often insist on being there in person, afraid video substitutes will be stiff and less engaging as in-person presentations. We’ve seen enough stagnant, unflattering talking-head videos to understand their concerns. But we also have better solutions–conceptual and post-production techniques and graphics that make even the simplest direct address must-see-TV. 

This saves on travel costs and mitigates COVID concerns; just shoot and send.

We can capture your leader on camera (at a safe social distance, of course), then add graphics, effects, slick editing, and other post-pro bells and whistles to give a standard executive video message the spit and polish it deserves. 

Another bonus of this approach: you have quality content that can easily be shared with anyone inside or outside your company. What was just going to be an address to one division or business partner can be instantly shared to all employees. It’s a two-fer: you cut down on the executive’s mileage, while getting more mileage out of the video itself.

We Can Mine Social (and Other) Media 

Sometimes you gotta take what you can get. Like an artist who works with “found objects,” we can take preexisting materials (videos, photos, etc) and, with the right concept and a savvy edit, turn them into fresh, new impactful videos. One project, in particular, we were proud of: HCA Healthcare Nurses Week video. Knowing this year we couldn’t capture interviews with nurses or footage in their facilities, we gleaned images and messages from social media to create an entirely original, inspirational video. Our team did it all–concept, research, collection of assets, post-production, delivery–and we couldn’t be more proud of the result.

We Can Schedule a COVID Multi-Purpose Shoot

For many industries, COVID has invalidated all the company’s video assets, in one fell swoop. No one onscreen is wearing masks or keeping a safe six-foot distance. What once looked collegial–a handshake, a hug–now looks unsafe, unrealistic, almost aggressive.

One way to remedy this peculiar, unprecedented challenge is to organize and maximize a single shoot, capturing COVID-specific footage that can be incorporated across a wide range of preexisting assets or new edits. We can work with clients to determine a selection of critical, versatile scenarios, identify and secure on-screen talent, then set up a shoot that offers the biggest bang for your budget. If planned properly, a few days of production can translate into a few months of strong video content.

We Can Rely on Motion Graphics

The most simple way to produce video in the age of COVID is by creating a motion graphic. At Neon, we have both the writing and animation talent that can turn your basic idea or message into a slick, brand-faithful motion graphic. With just a script and a design style, we can whip up an eye-catching video, and you can cut down on the risks of COVID and the budget challenges of a standard video shoot. 

Work with Us, We’ll Work with You

COVID has been a major disruptor in almost every industry, but disruption often leads to the most creative solutions. If you feel hamstrung by the constrictions of COVID, talk to us. While everyone’s been flattening the curve, we’ve been keeping ahead of it–working with our clients during this time to produce high-quality, budget-sensitive solutions.