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Neon Shines in Nashville

In Nashville, the lights of Broadway are all neon. And we, at Neon Media Group, love shining light and putting focus on the people, culture, and professions of the bright, booming city we call home.

As the metropolis of Nashville has ballooned–its residents, its national attention, its industries–so have the variety of our clients and diversity of our projects. Sports, music & entertainment, healthcare. These are the trades and traditions of Nashville. They have, likewise, become our passions and proficiencies.

The Sinew of the City: Sports

Coastal sports commentators can scoff all they want, but it’s a fact: Nashville is a dynamite sports city. The Nashville Predators have become an annual fixture in the NHL playoffs. The Tennessee Titans now snag national headlines with the regularity of Derrick Henry’s stiff arms. And as of 2020, the city has gained even international interest, with its adoption of soccer and a new MLS team (already one of the league’s top clubs). We’re always rooting–and often shooting–for the hometown teams.

Last year, we premiered our Nashville SC series Dream Together, sponsored by Renasant Bank.

Its teaser reflects the fans’ passion, and our love, for the city.

The series’ first season was a compelling chronicle of a year full of struggles and success. The second season promises more must-watch material, diving even deeper into the club’s on-and-off-field action.

Sports of all sorts–soccer, hockey, and of course football–are also covered through the livestreams and daily content produced through our partnership with the OutKick network, where we develop programming, build-out studios, and produce daily shows, including the OutKick 360.

The City’s Namesake: Music

Music often takes centerstage in Nashville. And we’ve had the good fortune (and inordinate amount of fun) plugging into projects featuring every type of music style, technique, and venue our great city has to offer. One of our highest profile clients is American Songwriter, an international website, magazine, and podcast network that’s served the songwriter community for over 35 years. It’s a brand we’ve been honored to help shape and showcase through several series currently in production.

Behind the Mic 

A segment from the Behind the Mic series: A collection of live performances with burgeoning stars.

Drinks With

A segment from the Drinks With series: A casual Q&A with some of today’s most engaging singer-songwriters.

Behind the Song

A segment from the Behind the Music series: A fun, informative look behind legendary hit singles.

The Heart of Nashville: Healthcare

Although Nashville is not widely known as a hub for healthcare, the healthcare industry is the beating heart of the city’s job scene. It’s also the subject of some of our proudest work. We regularly produce profiles of healthcare workers, features on innovations in healthcare technology, and even documentary pieces that spotlight the hard work and heroism of those on the frontlines.

This year, we had the unique privilege to produce a video about their response to the pandemic, honoring the caregivers and the powerful impact of one of our most dear and enduring clients HCA Healthcare.

HCA Healthcare: Prevailing in a Pandemic

Capturing Nashville

As Nashville has continued to grow and diversify, so have we. Over the past couple of years, our portfolio has expanded well beyond sports, music, and healthcare into cooking shows, travel & lifestyle, even reality TV. Our list of clients now range from international hotel chains to renowned publishing houses to leaders in cryptocurrency. 

It’s one of our company’s driving ambitions: to fully capture the inimitable character of this thriving city. We love its culture, its people, its vibe. We look forward to where it’s going, what it’s becoming, and how we, at Neon, can continue to shine a light on all its flash and flavor.