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Five Ways to Be a Better Client

The customer may always be right (in a sense), but they’re often not working in their own best interest. This is certainly true in the world of video production, which can be an intimidating, totally alien experience–with blinding lights, massive equipment, and black-clad crews speaking a foreign language about frame rates and focal lengths. Having...  

Content Marketing: The Beauty of the Beast

Content marketing is a beast. That’s right: a beast. It’s a fierce, relentless challenge, trying to develop creative ideas that capture and retain your audience’s attention – especially since traditional content marketing strategies and channels are not making the same impact they once did.  With the marketing industry constantly evolving, you must keep up with...  

Neon Shines in Nashville

In Nashville, the lights of Broadway are all neon. And we, at Neon Media Group, love shining light and putting focus on the people, culture, and professions of the bright, booming city we call home. As the metropolis of Nashville has ballooned–its residents, its national attention, its industries–so have the variety of our clients and...  

Meet Our New Creative Director

We at Neon have a long and fruitful history with our latest team addition. Wes Driver has been a key creative contributor with one of our major clients, HCA Healthcare, since 2006, leading and defining its internal video strategy and team and, in partnership with Neon, writing, directing, and producing many of their highest-profile video...