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Afterglow: Neon Video Spotlight

Here at Neon Media Group, we love sharing all of the videos our creative team collaborates on. Clients get direct contact with producers on projects, but they never really get to hear from the people who bring their ideas to life. That’s why I’ve decided to start picking the brains of our editors and animators to hear their side of what goes down in the office. Let’s kick things off with one of the most talented dudes I know (and I’m not just saying that because we’re friends).

Meet Garrett DeLozier. He’s an Editor for Neon Media Group.

(He is the adult pictured above)
Here’s his favorite project to date. It’s a video for HCA, a client of ours:

So G, what does your job as an editor consist of?

G: My job consists of editing and animation. Depending on the project, after it’s produced and shot, it comes to me to put it all together to be presentable, finished product.

How long have you been editing?

G: Since high school. Like 2004? Doing little videos with my friends on my dad’s Windows 98 computer. It came with this really, kinda crappy editing software called Roxio Movie Maker. It’s all I had and that was my first kind of foray into editing. That’s when I first realized I enjoyed that kind of thing. I did them as projects for school because I didn’t want to write papers, so I would make movies. I went to film school at the Art Institute in Nashville, TN. Started being trained there in Final Cut 7. That was, like, amazing. ‘Cause all the stuff I wanted to do in high school I was able to figure out in college. That’s where it cemented for me that I wanted to be in post production.

Tell me a little bit about the IT&S video above.

G: At the time, the typical workload was making drier, corporate videos. This was the first time in a while that I was able to do something comedic. Not only comedic, but just weird. After getting to know the director, Wes Driver, he kind of just cut me loose. And I called upon the sensibilities of my heroes, Tim and Eric. Just kind of went wild with it.

Why did you choose this editing style?

G: The script that Wes had put together was in the vain of cheesy, Billy Mays style infomercials with a lot of funny jokes and potential for site gags. I was really excited to help make the jokes land even harder through editing and visual effects.

What was the easiest part of the editing process?

G: The easiest? Oof. I don’t know. There wasn’t anything really all that easy about it. Because every joke and transition, I wanted to make it very specific. Straddle the line between believable representation of an infomercial AND something really weird and off-kilter. So that required a lot of various effects and experimentation. 

The hardest?

G: Let me pull up the video real quick. 

(Two minutes later)


(1 minute later)

Probably, I spent the most time on this scene where a co-worker is admiring the new t-shirt. It starts as admiration for the shirt and ends up being really creepily evil confrontation. I wanted it to be at once, really really creepy and unsettling. While making that funny. And that’s a fine tightrope to walk. 

What was the biggest creative challenge for you on this project?

G: The biggest creative challenge was just… there’s several different setups that required several different motion graphics and visual effects needs. They all still needed to feel like they were part of a whole, like they all went together while being so different so people wouldn’t get bored. I give a lot of credit to Wes’ script and willingness to just let me goof around.

There you have it, folks. Hopefully we’ll hear from Garrett again soon as he’s working on some great stuff. Stay tuned for the next NEON Video Spotlight!